Downfall Creek

Rode Road, McDowall, Brisbane, Queensland, 4053
The Downfall Creek Bushland Centre on Rode Rode (within the Raven Street Reserve that forms part of the Chermside Hills Reserves) in Brisbane, Queensland [Google map] has many great facilities such as the well presented information centre itself, BBQs, tables/chairs for dining, children's playground, a half sized basketball court and excellent walking tracks.

Downfall Creek is a great place to go for an easy walk among some great Australian flora and fauna. The paths are paved and connect to nearby residential areas but it really feels like you are deep in the bush even though you are just 10km North of the Brisbane CBD. The 3 main walks are the Senses Trail, Xanthorrhoea (grass tree) and Banksia tracks.

The Senses trail (photos above) is an easy, almost flat 400m paved path specially designed with tactile signage on a handrail the whole way around, making it ideal for visually impaired visitors or wheel chairs. The grass trees on the Xanthorrhoea track (photos below) are very slow growing, taking anywhere between 200 and 600 years to grow 5m tall depending on the species so you can really appreciate seeing a big one! The path loops back becoming the Banksia track where you can see these beautiful native Australian flowering heath plants. You can often see animals roaming around like swamp wallabies and kookaburras in their natural habitat.

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