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Singapore is a central transit location for access to other parts of the world. It now has many features to see and experience so instead of simply waiting for your next flight, it's worth spending at least a few days here plus helping you to transition across the time-zones effects of jet-lag. Being so close to the equator, the weather is almost the same every day - hot and humid. We flew with Singapore airlines who have a "Singapore Stop-over holiday" package that we used quite a bit for discounts on tourist locations, food and accomodation like the Singapore Flyer (giant wheel), MINT Museum of Toys, Sentosa Island, Jurong Bird Park and the Singapore Zoo.

I took these photos, 360° images and videos while on holiday with my wife for a few days in May 2012. Refer to my customised Singapore Google map for where we saw the main points of interest.

This is part of a 6 week adventure that my wife and I took in the middle of 2012 that includes:

Singapore video

  about 6 minutes, full HD available (1080p) which is best viewed in full screen.

Marina Bay

[2-9 on the map]
This is the CBD of Singapore with many features such as the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel with a swimming pool across the top, the Singapore Flyer (big wheel), Gardens by the Bay, Merlion fountain, Dorian theatre and more. It's worth taking a walk and a short boat tour around the bay but be prepared to sweat due to the very high humidity!

MINT Museum of Toys

[18 on the map]
The MINT (Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys) Museum is spread across a number of narrow levels in a multi-storey building. It's quite a large and impressive collection of toys from all around the world and through the ages.


[10-13 on the map]
Sentosa is an island just South off the coast but located to the west of the Singapore CBD. Take the boardwalk, monorail or a gondola ride to get to this entertainment island set up a bit like a theme park. You can easliy spend several days here to get through everything on offer. Go up Tiger Tower for a 360° view of the whole island, take a luge ride down the hill on the concrete track (as developed from the one in Queenstown, New Zealand), swim on the beach or wave machine, visit Universal Studios and wander through the magnificent gardens.

Jurong Bird Park

[17 on the map]
Jurong Bird Park is very similar to a zoo but with a focus on birds. There are many opportunities to get up close and personal by walking through many of the aviaries. More information is available at

Singapore Zoo

[14 on the map]
This fantastic zoo even has a popular "Night Safari" for a bit of a different zoo experience. Try to visit each enclosure when they have a scheduled feeding time - it means the animals will be out of their hidy holes and doing something interesting. The elephant show is great to see what the elephant's are capable of too, which is often surprising!

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About the photos
I've been a keen photographer for over 10 years and have been creating 360° panoramic images for about that long too. I've sold some individually, for web sites, a couple of weddings and projects for clients where I work as a visualisation artist. All the panoramas on this page were taken handheld because you are not allowed to use tripods in most of the places I visited so you may find some strange gaps where the photos are stitched together because of this. The camera used for all of these photos is a Canon 5D MkIII digital SLR with a 24-105mm L series lens. This camera works great in low light situations, has a full frame sensor to get wide angle shots and produces super sharp photos. Unfortuantely it is very big, heavy and expensive so I made the decision to choose quality over comfort. A camera store assistant once told me: A man invited a lady over to his place one night to show her his photos. She said, "Gee, they're great photos. You must have a great camera." She invited the man to her place for dinner the next night and after the meal he said "Gee, that was a great meal. You must have a great oven."

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