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Taronga Zoo - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Taronga zoo has an excellent location situated on a hillside overlooking Sydney Harbour. With just a short and scenic ferry ride past the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, you can easily spend a whole day at the zoo. The best way to see everything is to catch the gondola to the top of the zoo and work your way left and right down the hill. Probably the most popular animals are the elephants and especially the babies Pathi Harn and Luk Chai so you will see lots of photos of them here. Some shows that you can watch include feeding time for the gorillas and the spectacular bird show.

Pathi Harn (aka Mr Shuffles) baby elephant was born on the 10th March 2010

Pathi Harn is very cute when he runs around

Pathi Harn was thought to be dead at birth but amazingly he survived

Pathi Harn means Miracle in Thai

Pathi Harn with his slightly older cousin Luk Chai

Luk Chai was born on the 4th July 2009

Family photo

More family photos

It gets a little squeezy sometimes

Pathi Harn trying to climb the log

Pathi Harn likes to hang around the adults


Sitting on that doesn't look too comfortable

Mr laughalot

Who's a pretty birdy?

Nice balance

Komodo Dragon

Green monster

Brassy monster


The bitey end of a big snake

Lizardy thing

Bigger lizardy thing

Triple decker

I'm just about ready to bite you

Green machine

Jub Jub (Selma's pet from The Simpsons) otherwise known as an Iguana


...not so yummy

Huggin time

Parent and child looking at each other through a hole in the log

Grooming time

Nice yellow feathers

Nice smile

Pair of round chumps in a tree

What are you lookin at? Punk!

You think you have facial skin problems

How to balance on a glass fence

Just hope this magpie isn't too angry

Staring competition with an emu

Like my fluffy feathers?

Up a tree, just cause he can

My, what lovely stripes you have

Baby gorilla

Baby gorilla gettin a move on

The food is coming any time now

Who's a cute puddy tat

You look tasty

Don't mess with a snow leopard

Just gorgeous

Smile for the camera

I love what you've done with your hair

View from Taronga zoo

Rainbow Lorikeet

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